May 1967Keiyo Electronic Center, Ltd. established in Katori City, Chiba.
December 1972Merged with Computer Marketing Corp. (established September, 1969) and renamed Nippon Information Development Co., Ltd.
Head office moved to Minato-ku, Tokyo.
March 1973Tohoku Center established.
December 1976Head office relocated to Shinjuku-ku.
April 1977Subsidiary Information Entry Co., Ltd. established.
September 1985Subsidiary NID Information Systems Co., Ltd and Tohoku-NID Co., Ltd. established.
Tohoku Center transformed into subsidiary named Tohoku-NID Co., Ltd.
October 1994Corporate name changed to NID Co., Ltd.(English name unchanged)
March 1997Information Entry Co., Ltd. changed its corporate name to IE Co.,Ltd.
March 2000Received ISO9001 certification.
June 2000Corporate name changed from NID Information Systems Co., Ltd. to NID IS Co., Ltd.
November 2001Privacy Mark granted by JIPDEC.
January 2003Listed on JASDAQ.
March 2004Received ISO14001 certification.
October 2005Corporate name of subsidiaries changed.
September 2007Became a member of the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren).
January 2010Received ISO27001 certification.
August 2012Head office relocated to Chuo-ku.
April 2016Corporate name changed from NID IS Co., Ltd. to NID MI Co., Ltd.
January 2019Corporate name changed from NID・IE Co., Ltd. to NID air Co., Ltd.
April 2022Transition to Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
November 2022Acquired 100% shares of Tenik Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary.