Security Policy

Nippon Information Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “Our company”), with its corporate philosophy “human ware” (hybridization of people and information), considers the information assets from our customers and the security protection of Our company’s information assets as a significant business challenge, and hereby sets forth and implements the basic information security policy.

1. Development of Information Security Management System

We shall set up the Information Security Committee and shall operate the proper Information Security Management System.

2. Legal Compliance

We shall comply with the laws and regulations, governmental guidelines and any other rules concerning information security as well as adapt Our Company’s information security management system to these laws and regulations, governmental guidelines and rules.

3. Education and Training

We shall impress all the employees on the importance of information security and shall implement regular education and training to increase their knowledge and awareness.

4. Response to Accidents

In the event that any accident or trouble related to information security occurs, we shall respond immediately and appropriately and minimize its damage.

5. Ongoing Improvement of the Information Security Management System

In order to respond to Our company’s environment and changing social conditions, we shall continue to make improvements by conducting regular assessments and reviews as well as maintain our efforts on information security.

June 25, 2015