Quality Policy

We, under the corporate philosophy of humanware, understand “Quality” = “Technical strength” + “Personal strength” + “Organizational strength” and provide our customers with reliable quality by improving these three strengths.

The entire organization, including all employees, is committed to making continual refinement to improve quality and customer satisfaction.

1. Improving “Technical Strength”

We aim to obtain a broader knowledgebase to meet the various needs and acquire higher technical abilities to fulfill our customers’ expectations.

2. Improving “Personal Strength”

Each employee is committed to being a human resource that possesses fundamental politeness as a member of society, addresses issues diligently, and works independently.

3. Improving “Organizational Strength”

We strive to focus on teamwork to accomplish our common goals as one.

ISO9001 compliant quality management system

ISO9001NID has received ISO9001 certification from the Japan Accreditation Board (JAB). NID focuses on maintaining trust and high quality, and we do so by firstly building a quality assurance system, secondly improvements and enforcements of work procedures in line with the progress in technology, and thirdly educating human resource. ISO9001 acquisition is part of this plan. The efforts put into develop advanced technologies since our establishment, the quality that makes the technologies stay, and the trust today are the result of continuous efforts by all NID employees.