Environmental Policy

As an experienced systems integrator that places a high degree of emphasis on top-level technical expertise and product/service quality, NID recognizes the importance of preserving the environment and preventing pollution. NID aims to fulfill its social responsibility as a corporate citizen by ensuring its business activities are compatible with the protection of the global environment.

Basic policy

Based on the spirit of respect for people expressed in the “human-ware” concept, and as a company that is dedicated to providing software for people–the essential component of the information society–NID is committed to making the best use of resources and to reducing environmental impacts with the aim of preserving the global environment in all its richness. NID strives to improve its performance in these respects through the following activities.

  1. We shall work to preserve the environment in software development, systems maintenance and other office-based operations by promoting the conservation of energy and resources, by reducing waste emissions and by practicing eco-conscious procurement.
  2. We shall strive to improve our environmental management systems continuously and to prevent pollution.
  3. We shall set environmental performance targets and goals, and review these regularly.
  4. We shall comply with all relevant environmental laws, ordinances and regulations, and with any other related requirements voluntarily adopted by NID.
  5. We shall work to raise environmental awareness among all employees through education programs and to provide a framework that supports the efforts of any individual employees choosing to undertake voluntary environmental preservation activities.
  6. We shall publish this environmental policy and distribute it to all employees. We shall also disclose the policy when requested to do so by third parties.
  7. Through the communication of this environmental policy, we shall endeavor to secure the understanding and cooperation in environmental matters of other companies occupying the NID head office building and of our suppliers and contract business partners.


ISO14001NID has received ISO14001 certification from the Japan Accreditation Board (JAB). ISO14001 is an international standard signifying that an enterprise has instituted the appropriate systems to manage environmental protection activities properly.

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