Mobile & Cloud Solutions

Mobile Solutions

We offer a wide variety of mobile solutions ranging from Android・iOS native applications to preinstalled applications by smartphone manufacturers.

Home Electronics via Digital Networks

We provide a wide range of technologies in home electronics and IoT including the next-generation cloud-cooperation televisions and game machines.

Cloud Service Solutions

We provide a full range of configurations from terminal applications to various cloud servers including AWS・Azure.

Embedded Systems & Control Solutions

Car Electronics

We offer a broad range of embedded technologies including ECU development as vehicle infrastructure and automated driving systems of automobiles.

Medical Systems

We furnish the latest medical system technologies ranging from the state-of-the-art production of therapeutic and diagnostic apparatus to the development of Hospital Information System.

Wireless Systems

We build longtime social infrastructure which centers on public wireless domains including airports, trains, fire and disaster prevention.

Factory Automation

We provide the newest technologies in factory and plant control systems including smart factories and intelligent buildings.

Embedded Systems

We develop highly-reliable real-time OS, image processing, communication protocol, and various drivers and middleware systems.

Financial Systems Solutions

Life Insurance Systems

We offer our longstanding business know-how of contract management and customer management systems for individual and group insurances.

Non-Life Insurance Systems

We provide a wide range of system development and maintenance utilizing our in-depth business knowledge of non-life insurance.

Mutual Aid Systems

We provide timely system development and maintenance such as conservation and business support for various business divisions in the mutual aid system.

Credit Card Systems

We support credit system development including the application, screening, approval, and crediting sales.

Securities Systems

We provide system development and maintenance using our in-depth business knowledge of securities.

Business Systems Solutions

Civil Service Systems

We deliver high-quality services including payroll and benefit systems for civil service.

Travel Agency Systems

We construct web-based itinerary information validation systems.

Logistics Systems

We support the system construction of sequence of work at distribution warehouses (e.g., warehouse management, inventory and shipping support systems).

IT System Construction Services

System Construction and Installation Support

We provide a full range of support for overall IT system installation including system design, construction, transfer, and management.

Network・Server Design/Construction

We support creating a consistent internet environment ranging from network design to server construction.

Creation of a Server Virtualization Environment

We provide a comprehensive solution to consolidate, build and form a physical server into a virtual system.

Cloud Migration

We provide support in migrating business systems into a cloud environments.

IT System Operation Services

System/Network Operation・Maintenance

We provide a full mission-critical service including system design, construction and operation management 24 hours a day every day.

Remote Surveillance

We support stable system usage by connecting the remote surveillance center to customer locations using exclusive lines.

IT System Operational Design・Improvement

We provide proposals, planning, operation, and improvement of highly-reliable, high-quality, and highly-efficient operational work with the application of ITIL.

Security Operation・Management

We provide a high level of security operational management ranging from network to end point.

Data Solution

Data Entry Center

We offer optimal BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services to meet customers’ needs in a highly-secured environment.

Data Entry

We deliver a secure high-quality data entry service including report delivery.

Image Entry

We deliver bundle image entry services by achieving direct input from image pictures.

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

We provide perfect BPO solutions that meets customer’s needs.



Concierge service solutions for a fusion of online and local stores by the use of SmartGlass.


Guidance support software for the ASP type specific insurance.

Midori Online Accounting System

An accounting system compliant with the accounting standards for the districts for land improvement.