NID Group

NID-MI Co., Ltd.

Our core businesses today are next-generation mobile handset systems, atmospheric information systems, medical information systems, and nursing care insurance systems (for elderly care). Furthermore, we develop and release custom applications for smart phones and tablets.


We develop large scale, core operation systems for our customers in manufacturing and services industries, build Web applications for those systems, and offer progressive technologies in the area of embedded software for medical systems, digital consumer electronics, and in-car electronic controls.

NID air Co., Ltd.

As a specialist in IT services, we offer staffing to a range of companies and BPO (outsourcing of specialized operations) services. Our policy is humanware(hybridization of people and information) and we offer a range of services and provide experienced staffs.

Tenik Co., Ltd.

Tenik is based on the German word “Technik”and ​​”Bringing the cutting edge closer to you” is our corporate philosophy. We believe that our corporate mission (purpose) is to pursue and provide technologies, techniques, and methods that bring joy to society and people through software development business. Reference:[Technik (Technique)] Technology, finesse, craftmanship, skill, and method as relative means for humans to conquer nature.

Sawara-Mirai-Unga Co., Ltd.

We’re a company revitalizing community, based on Sawara town in Katori city that is the birthplace of NID group. Using ICT, we’re hoping to let you know not only the appeal of Sawara which has the Edo-period look of the streets, but wonderful lifestyles, technique and wisdom have been handled down by local people. We’ll create the new movement in collaboration with all people loving this historical riverside town as well as locals. Bringing such flexible innovations for Sawara is the most important mission of us.